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That's no way near as good - I much prefer to learn that Apallachian is hot hot hot.


James Bradley

Captain my captain!

Would've prefered to set this as a new post, so excuse the lack of immediate relevance to ‘They're back!’

Buffey alerted me to your relatively new venture back at your much acclaimed favourite awards in January (not so damning of those complimentary vinos though I suspect?!).

So to that regard congratulations to one and all. But deary me guys, I know it’s your livelihood and I salute the obvious commitment and passion on here, but stone me if I haven’t inadvertently gate crashed the online version of dead poets society?! In fact, it’s any wonder you digital crusaders get anything typed at all, with such profound chin scratching?!

The 1,500 word post, with an invitation to discuss? Wow, imagine turning over to see that in your GCSE exam! Phew.

Whoooa there though, hold your horses – I’m on your team (all be it probably selected as a substitute in the reserves). Hell I even occasionally click on the left tab of RI5 for heaven’s sake!

But budge up though - there has to be some room for a little more light heartedness in amongst all this ‘blue sky thinking’ (sic)?

So to coin Robin Williams himself, carpe diem my friends – life’s too short.


Hi James, welcome to the blog.....well sometimes there is just a lot to say!! I completely agree that it is always good to have some light hearted content......interesting though that the traffic and the commment count always goes up when someone either writes a long post or a rant or both!


James – what you’re reading and commenting on is 5 years’ worth of pent up frustration, annoyance and head shaking my friend. I’m making no excuses for our outpouring of passion and defence of professional integrity – something we’ve seen lacking for so long in the voice of those who have simply been first to move and created a kind of self appointed guru status when some others of us have been toiling to make sense of this medium and what it means to our niche industry.

What we do ain’t life and death. But that’s no reason not to have standards and pride in what we do. Geez James – you (or Ri5) guys are responsible for one of the worst executions of an entry page advert on a web site. It’s things like that that we all need to comment on and learn from rather than just accept, because I know I for one voted with my switch off from Ri5 as a direct result of your promo invading my space (all the best to you guys n gals by the way – and I’m sure I’ll go back to Ri5 soon enough, where else is there to read about who’s recruiting now?).

This blog will change over the coming months. The creation of this blog has been the opportunity for those of us involved to air some pretty soiled and very ripe laundry – a kind of Cathartic experience if you will. I’d say just keep an RSS eye on it, returning to view responses once in a while and see if we grow into the blog. It’s been a steep learning curve for me personally I know, but I reckon give it 3 months and we’ll be down to just a few lines of observation or comment - whether anyone will truly give a damn enough to respond or create discussion threads time will only tell, but at the very least for me it’s cheaper than a counsellor and less time consuming (and more realistic at my time of life) than taking up rugby again.

Let’s face it – this is web 2.0 baby. You no likey you no readey.

Thanks for caring enough to contribute though :-)

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