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John Whitehurst

Interesting; a bold move for a newspaper group – and time will see if it helps to increase the sales. I have seen this done before and the benefits to the advertiser were about 0 and at times it even had a negative effect. The split between mediums and the executions need to be made on the basis of the objectives etc … . I am being bold here but I have got to ask this question – why does the media have an obsession around creating pre-defined packages? Find out the needs and a solution will be found. You will never stop me ranting about this but buying a package like this is lazy, dull and not based on any intelligent thought. So maybe I have answered my question – lazy people want these packages? I don’t know!

For the Telegraph it is a bold statement to make and I really hope it helps them to build the site – it is a good proposition. If the noise made wakes a few more people up to using their product – that is good and if it brings more people online that is good.

Kork Desai

Thanks for the mention Mr Hens!

Have to say it was a surprise when i saw the press release its a bold move and one i think that offers something different to the market place (until all the other National's jump on the bandwagon!)

The discussion from the start of online recruitment has always been about when/if online would replace print (revenues/market share etc). Is this the first sign that this could be happening?

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