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Peter Gold

Other than the panel and the winners of awards/sponsors (one and the same I think??) will anyone else be there? I s'pose the only way of getting some 'attendees' is to bore us on twitter; if it's working. (not sure if I'm allowed to make this comment about twitter reliability though?)


Alex Hens

with that number on the panel the only question I have is how anyone expects to get a word in edgewise? ;-)

Enjoy, Matt (or indeed - "enjoy Matt", whichever).

And hear your comment loud and clear Mr G. I think we've all picked up on that before. That's why the shortlists have traditionally been so, well, not particularly short. Classic table selling technique me thinks. Most amusing addition though.



@Peter - Sorry to bore you! I only kept retweeting the request as the stupid thing kept going down. I did actially got three or four good questions from it.

@Alex - They've actually added someone else to the panel since I wrote this! We'll be lucky to get beyond the introduction stage before running out of time!


Matt, my live Twitter was much better than yours. I somehow have another 5 people "following me" because of it.


It was quite entertaining I look forward to more MyLongLunch updates in similar format!

Jamie Leonard

It was stangly addictive.

Alex Hens

I'm thinking they didn't tune in for a spelling lesson Jamie ;-)

Can see the fun of micro-fame - and reckon your irreverent tone probably conveys well as a distraction Jamie.

Still no feedback on the CIPD awards twitter thread though (http://digitalrecruiting.typepad.co.uk/digital_recruiting/2008/05/using-twitter-t.html), so may be down to anyone on existing twitter accounts to decide if you can be arsed to twit about it on the night. :]


Maybe the thought of live updates from the industries "premier awards" isn't exciting enough for people Alex. Lets face it, it's not the Oscars! ;-)

Don't worry though, I'm going and happy to be a twit (not for the first time) on the night if any does care.

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