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I like his dance technique!

Alex Hens

ahhhh - harmless but enjoyable self promotion - that's what the web's really about! Forget killer apps and making the world a better place.

Reminded me of a favourite band of mine where Matt makes an appearance in one of their videos. A band that were using web 2.0 techniques and wikinomics style principles fearlessly really early (despite the music industry generally being massively fearful of such IP infringement) - not just fun middle of the road music makers, digital champions too. Go Barenaked Ladies!



Alex Hens

and for any kidz out there who think BNL are just toooo middle of da road - here's Weezer 18months later doing the same thing.


Nice evolution - but proving very seldom is there anything such a new idea, but that doesn't mean that we can't continue to improve on what's gone before - or at the very least take your own slant.

enjoy - dudezzzz

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