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Jamie Leonard

You cant understand what they are trying to do, your small lady brain does'nt allow it :-)

Jo Jordan

You've given it oxygen?

Alex Hens

great post Sinead (and great comment Jamie).

So why the difficult colour choice? We know that only serves to confuse you and you'll only end up going for pink anyway.

Now stop getting so worked up and go make us a lovely cup of tea there's a dear.


Sinead Bunting

Gents, thanks for putting me back on track and you're right, pink it is.

One sugar or two my prince?

Jo, I couldn't resist.

Lisa Scales

If only Dell could tell me how to iron my husbands shirts properly too as I don't feel I have been patronised enough......

PS typed this with one hand - difficult with one wrist chained to the sink

Ben Nunn

I think Hensy you've made a schoolboy error there on colour recommendation. While you think pink will be the colour of choice, we all know that it's got to be black - as I look around me today, black is the colour of choice. And very nice it is too. Maybe Dell need to rethink their approach, and instead of focussing on potential 'outfit clash' colours dominating the laptop, simply offer the option to accessorise - providing different colour combinations for the Dell insignia.

Clearly, laptops designed by men, for women. When will we learn...

Emma Kennedy

ooh ooh! I want a lilac one, but only if I can be guaranteed matching laptop bags with gold trim...
Maybe, working on Ben's suggestion here, you could get removeable outer casings in all different colours which are easily changeable - a bit like those watches with the changeable trim which were fashionable in late 80's (I think probably still available from Elizabeth Duke) then you could change the colour of your laptop according to your mood or outfit... sign me up!

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[...]Another brilliant marketing decision brought to you by the dudes at Dell. Having worked at Dell for many years, I'm sure the marketing decisions are still being made by a bunch of MBA good ole boys down Austin way. [...]

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Wonderful colors. Computer repair is the most important part.


I agree, computer repair clearly is the most important part - you oddball. What does your comment have to do with this thread?

Go away.


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Rainbow of laptops isn't it matched with lovely ladies.

Account Deleted

Very impressive. they can talking about a huge global market place and one that's going to get bigger.

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