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John Salt

I did find this post very interesting, never having worked for an agency myself. I do have a question on what was interesting about SimplyHired?

Also, why no comment on NORAS on the blog?



John W - Great post, couldn't agree more and think you have encapsulated a lot of the things we were discussing on here about the use of things like Youtube etc. We must get asked on a daily basis to do "new and exciting things". It's nearly always by clients who haven't got their basic strategies sorted and don't know who they want to talk to and what they want them to do. Very much "new" for the sake of "new"

John S - I'm writing a bit on research that I'm hoping to get up tomorrow that talks a bit about NORAS. For the most part I think it has passed us by because none of us actually ever really use or refer to it. Always good to see some new top line stats about online jobseeking but further than that nothing more than a passing interest really

John Whitetehurst

The NORAS information is great but we need to accept - will it be a NRS or NOT - a big question that i will not answer. I will email the presentation to you John and i think you will enjoy it - the reason why it was interesting is because someone was being intellgient in UK recruiting.



Even if it was the equivalent of NRS (which it couldn't be further away from being at the moment) I still think that that is irrelevant in the online space....will explain more in tomorrow's blog article

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