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thomas delorme

this is what i call teasing ...

thomas delorme

maybe the fact that comments are moderated can be frustrating ?


Ok good point, I've taken the moderation off as an experiment

David Henry

First off it is brilliant that you all got together and started this well done at last!!

I am delighted to have worked with all of you here over the last 10 years or so, and have listened to you all rant down the pub and recently read most of your rants about online media and advertising.

Now my rant…

The one big thing that comes through really strongly here is none of you are ranting about anything positive about our wonderfully creative, inventive, inspiring often ground breaking industry. There are so many positive things you could be writing about, rather than laying waste to the RADS or slating media research. (Yes it is frustrating that our industry is badly represented at these events and yes Sinead it is about accountability, but creativity as well. You are all right NORAS can often be misrepresented mostly by the media that use it you are all well equipped to read between the lines).

But the fact remains that our once minute little industry is now mainstream and that we don't have to spend time as much convincing people of the medium which means that you can focus on creative execution and media selection and the accountability. We have a fantastic and competitive marketplace which allows us to surprise and delight our customers. This is the time to unite and celebrate that journey and highlight the great challenges we still have to face and not tear down the industry which together we have all built.

You are all some of the most knowledgeable people in our industry and I have loved working with you all, (I am now just kept in a cupboard and not allowed out to play anymore) having a blog which is just a bit of a bitch fest and does not actually do anything about the stuff which bugs you is rather self defeating and I for one expect more from you all.

What are you going to do about it?


David calm down....get some more natural light into that cupboard Monster have got you locked in!lol I don't think anyone is intending to tear anything down, after all everyone writing on the site and posting in the comments has worked really hard to build this industry up in the first place. I'm personally glad it's now big enough and mature enough to have some proper debate about.

Not everything on the blog is negative and the intention was never to be a "bitch fest". It is interesting though that the more rant filled the orginal post the more comments it gets!

I also think it's good to get some discussion going about things that have never really been debated in the open before in this industry.

Anyway that aside, it would be good to see some more insight into what people really like about the industry.

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