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Sinead Bunting

Totally addicted! What fun!
Going on holiday for two weeks, how will I cope?....probably for the best really.


I deliberately tried to be a late adopter because I suspected I'd become hopelessly addicted. I've joined and of course I am! It's all just a strange kind of consensual voyeurism!

Jamie Leonard

Am totally addicted but worst of all just run into this old boy again. Twitter off!



Well just got back from two weeks on holiday and away from all things internet. So what do you think the first thing was I did when I got back online.....did I check my personal email? did I check my work email? did I see what had been happening on Digital Recruiting (welcome back Alex by the way!) did I check the other blogs I read? did I get myself up to date with all the news and sport I'd missed? No, I went on bloody Facebook! Are there any addicts support groups out there......I need help!!

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