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I guess this ties in to what a lot of us are saying around this though - it was an 'appropriate' use of an 'appropriate' platform - it wasn't trying to be something big and corporate (although it was) but it worked.

And that's what it's about. Good on them for going for it in such a way, and making something that works.

Yes, they are replicating what they're doing offline, online, but it looks like it could have been fun, and was just right for the target audience.

Oh, and good to see that the old adage is true - people end up creating an avatar that is a spitting image of their real self... Mine started off with a beard, broad shoulders, narrow waste. It's since changed to a more realistic image of me...


Mines not changed. I still look like a stud muffin. I'm sure my avatar will end up looking like Al Murray pub Land Lord in the end though. I was sent a letter from IQPC the other day re Second Life. "80% of active internet users will have a Second Life by the end of 2011 - Analysts say Business Leaders must take the initiative to innovate" "Sweden plans Second Life Embassy" www.iqpc.com/uk/secondlife

Some people say it's full of pervenerds from the Benelux regions and Germany but I'd like to think it's not all tight leather trousers and Hoff lovers with suicidal tendencies


Read this article and thought of the agency generated hype around Second Life in the digital recruiting space right now.

"Second Life, Lemming like" http://clickz.com/showPage.html?page=3626469

I'm sorry I truly believe is pretty inappropriate budget allocation. Or at least will be once the PR benefits have dried up (which surely they must have by now).

Don't get me wrong - I quite like the environment myself and think it's got potential in the future, but get Web 1.0 right first people - then, if your budget allows have a dabble. Just don't be blinded by false profits selling such a far off virtual dream.

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