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It's going to take a while for a threat like this to build up against traditional job boards but I like the idea of White labeling the likes of Job Tonic to corporates. The employer uses the technology to set their own rewards and the referrers set their own referral strings/award sharing costs. At least it cuts out the rec con trust issues. There are plenty of cunning attraction plans based around incentives like this. And by starting the referral system with your own employees keeps things pretty personal too. And you get to know allot more people along the way. As for Job Board Searches, I'd like to see if they can incorporate free tagging similar to del.icio.us

Paul Harrison, Carve Consulting

Interesting post Sinead. I couldn't make the Fish4 presentation but would be interested to learn how they intend to increase their reach / integrate into peoples’ 'web lives'. I was babysitting a friend's daughter the other day and was fascinated by the way this 4 year old intuitively navigated the BBC Children's website. Her frustration when a link wan't where it 'should' be, or information wasn't forthcoming as promised, really made me think about how employers and intermediaries like job boards ensure they're in the right place to begin that dialogue. Great plug too ;-)

John whitehurst

Paul, that is interesting - your using the BBC Childrens example.

I went to a great presentation at i-level (acoule of years ago). They used a similar number of user experience tests.

The same result.

We did some research at TMP (with i-level and yahoo) into the job hunting process and found that most candidates don't enjoy it.

They can not get the info they need.

I will send it to you ...


Paul Harrison, Carve Consulting

Nice one J, cheers


Hey my little breakfast made the blog....im so proud! Paul (and anyone that missed the session) if you would like the presentation we have it to send out, or if you would like our CTO to role it out again he would be more than happy to.

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