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Matt Burney

O.K, O.K, I said that I didn't get second life yesterday. This does sound pretty cool though. The ability to link physical advertising with a virtual version does sound pretty cool, shops running an online store from a facsimile of their real store could be cool.. (running round a virtual new york picking up tshirts and shoes from stores without having to pay for a flight would be great).
As long as there are no people pretending to be robots, animals and pixies and pointless islands etc it will be fine, a mirror of the real world would be good and I'm sure would attract more people than the "gimmick" world of Second Life currently does.

Matt Burney

Sorry, just read that back.. overuse of the word "cool" (you'd almost think it was still 1986), it's been a long week already.....

Paul Harrison, Carve Consulting

I don't know Matt, I can just see you with a Minatour's head and a mermaid's tail, hawking Onrec outside Matt Alder's virtual unconference.. ;-)

Matt Burney

You know me so well Paul! LOL

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