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Alex Hens

and if you've alreay lost most of your day to watching video - then what's another 6 miutes - re-live the jawdropping magnitude of it all (as reminded in a Peter Gold http://blog.hirestrategies.co.uk/erecruitment/ blog entry today) through the You Tube epic

"Did You Know; Shift Happens - Globalization; Information Age"


Peter Gold


Fascinating and now my head hurts! I wonder why the seats are still in such uniform fashion. I wonder why students have to be there to listen/watch/learn. I wonder why we 'older' people still think we are the best teachers. I wonder.....

Ceefax was less confusing than this :>)


Alex Hens

the seats are in a uniform fashion because they've always been that way.

and they clearly don't have to be there to listen/watch/learn as that would seem to actually be counter productivce.

but I think 'older' people teach because whatever the digital world offers by way of accessing information and opinon, people who have life experience can assist those who follow in how to disseminate and interpret that information in it's most raw form (which is what it will always boil down to - raw information) - maybe not all the time grasping the medium through which their students have accessed, shared and processed this information - but if nothing else those who have lived can help in teaching those with their lives infront how best the human psyche can process information and draw it's own conclusions to learned as well as gained knowledge. The web evolves at an alarming rate - but human 2C is not that removed from human 1.9C - just things are quite a bit quicker.

And yes ceefax was certainly comfortable - I wonder in the future whether people will actively opt for ignorance. Would probably save on the cost of Brufen ;-)

Peter Gold

And we have created a planet that will not survive much longer by following the wisdom of our elders!

If the teacher wants to teach then the teacher has to learn how the learner learns; assuming what they have to teach is what what the learner is interested in. And if they are not then why not? Maybe we can learn from the younger generation more than we care to admit.

Maybe this is why someone developed Brufen? Although that's shit anyway doing more damage than good but I won't go there........

Derek Pilcher

Its like the 'Shift Happens - Globilization' Video (posted on here some time ago I think) - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ljbI-363A2Q.

All of this questioning and debate raging around the pace of change and the inadequacy of how the students are being prepared for it.

This is the generation pushing the boundaries in ways that their Teachers will never understand or keep up with.

I am from the generation when there used to be a School Portacabin with 2 Amstrad's in it and anyone that went in there was classed as seriously uncool. I bet those few that did venture in there, are a little less uncool nowadays ....and probably a damn sight richer.

Why is it that the viral nature of any new fad always starts in the student generation - is it because they don't have to worry about doing any work.........

Alex Hens

I think it's down to unbridled enegy, a natural need to grow and prove themselves as well as having least to lose through (therefore fear of) failure.

I'm sure we'll discover there's an optimum middle ground somewhere, bringing together sharing of learned wisdom with embracing of fresh thinking. As we all agree - the world is spinning so quickly maybe the next breakthrough will be in the educational arena and is just round the corner (or indeed already with us just yet to break).

One thing's for certain though - the exam system will be 20+ years behind it - if educationalists are lagging behind, god knows how far behind the civil servants charged with constructing meaningful and fair evaluation of our next generations' abilities are.

Still - that's enough gnashing of teeth - I'm off to enjoy switching off and re-learning how much fun bathtime and bubbles can really be through a child's eyes.

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