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Alex Hens

that is brilliant!!! and great for a Friday.

perhaps we should rename this blog DRTube or similar.



Spot on.

Alastair Cartwright

Is this is the beginning of the end? Great, I might win my tenner after all...



There is a world of difference between something having too may Apps and dissapearing altogether as the below should help to illustrate!



I couldn't find anything about it on Ceefax though so maybe you're right ;-)

Tim Elkington

Funnily enough we built a Facebook application that allows people to take the Great British e-test (giving them an e-score of between 0 - 100) and show the results on their Facebook profile and challenge / compare their results to the results of their friends. It's worked ok, but not great, probably lost amongst all the other Facebook apps and tests! It currently ranks 8th in terms of the traffic that we've sent to http://www.howeru.com, behind things like the Handbag and Web User magazine forums. It was an interesting exercise though, especially in terms of data integration etc.

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