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Peter Gold

Steady on Alex, you've used your word allocation for this month in one go!

Good post, as you state Jeremiah et al have little or no concept/interest in 'recruitment' but then why should they.

Alex Hens

Peter, Peter, Peter - you should know by now I've got plenty more words than that in me ;-)

Just to come back as to why should they gain an interest in the effect and management of an e-Employer Brand (which I know you know Peter). I added this as a response to Jeremiah's original post:

What we should hopefully see is a realisation by those now properly tracking the correlation of these things that investing in and maintaining a strong Employer Brand is just as important as all other marketing channels. Rather than just stating “people are our greatest asset” companies may realise that their whole recruitment and retention piece actually becomes intrinsically linked with their overall brand. You have a bad work experience / recruitment process with company X - would you buy their brand or switch to company Y? And when you have such an experience how much more p**sed are you than if you just get bad service / the wrong order / cut off? And there the effect begins in earnest.

Oliver Perry

It's crucial that employers embrace and participate with these new platforms that put their employees and customers in the driving seat - it will happen with or without them. Those that are confident enough to listen and respond to these new lines of communication will continue to differentiate themselves and be better positioned to attract and retain talent

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