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I'm looking forward to going home tonight so I can check out my old business card book, I bet I can give you a run for your money on the Justin card front. I await (the very lovely) Justin's Rep & Tell memoirs on all the places he's worked, he must have come across every character this industry has to offer.


That's nothing when it comes to online recruitment memorabilia. I was going through some stuff at the weekend and found an old bright green workthing boiler suit from when we launched the site at Harrogate (must have been 2000?) I gave it to the local charity shop, they didn't look too happy. Shame, I should have kept it and we could have opened an online recruitment museum.


Ah Justin Wakeham Top Trumps what a good idea. I think you've got a good hand of cards there Alex that will be difficult to beat. Didn't he work at Job World as well (anyone remember that?)must see if I can dig out a pre Gojobsite (crazy name crazy site) card.....

Alex Hens

yeh - but you know why they changed it to 'go'jobsite?

I believe initially it was jobsite (good cuprinol name that, but when they then considered going global (well into Europe at least - Havant practically being in France 'n all) they realised their naked ambition for world dominance would run into a whole different internet business model.

now obviously I wouldn't recommend any reader to look for this url - certainly not on anything other than their own home computer - but if you put .de after www.jobsite I think you'll quickly find where GoJobsite came from.

Even back in those early days it seems good urls were snapped up. Never worked out what jobsite translates into that makes it a good url for the original e-commerce industry - any fluent Germans who can help?


Andrew Douglas

The German crew we have here insist 'jobsite' in German would be the same as it is in English, one of those adopted phrases.

Stupidly someone did access this on their computer before I warned them and it seems they may be looking to attract people with some time on their hands. I guess people out of job may have some spare time so perhaps there is a connection??

We're expecting a visit from the IT police very shortly!

Alex Hens


really - I just laughed very loudly out loud.

thanks for that Andrew :D

I'm thinking it's not time that would mostly be on the hands of those tuning in - but at least there's some very tenuous link. Thanks for letting us all know (saving others the embarrassment and joint visit by HR and IT). Recommend quickly logging back into www.jobsite.co.uk & playing the "honest mistake guv" card.

best of luck



I'm on a train - damn - I want to play, as I believe I have his JobWorld business card, and both Jobsite and GoJobsites, plus a CW and a Monster and...

I'm now too excited about this competition. Has anyone else also got a reasonable set of Revolver.com cards...?

This could be fun!!

I'll be back on Monday with an update - I am intrigued...

And Alex, of those things that you mentioned you should have thrown away, or ignored (i.e. Secret Santa present, for starters), did I buy them? You ungrateful sod.


Why don't we up the stakes and make it a bit broader. Short lived Dot.com boom job board business card poker. I see your Revolver.com (I have 2) and raise you 1 New Monday, 1 Big Blue Dog and a Job Shark

Matt ;-)


OK - I'm going to throw into the mix a question - does anyone else have the combined JW card for CWJobs/RetailChoice card?

I can match your JobShark and raise it with the original Tim Bowman card - Graduatebase - along with several others bearing his name...

Then there is my 'Careerfever' card - a ground-breaking virtual careers fair on a CD Rom if I'm not mistaken,

And, who can beat the most difficult URL in the world... a business card from the lovely Claudia Massey at www.multilingualvacancies.com ?

I'm going to park my 'back atcha' game there, but leave you with three new challenges, and a couple of bragging rights. What do you have in:

1. The Mark Lister collection
2. The Tim Bowman collection (believe me, a surprisingly comprehensive collection)
3. A certain business card from a certain head of interactive at an agency called GMBM... oh yes, I have one of these.
4. One hand-written Workthing card with the name 'Saira Khan' on it - Imay auction that one off one day...

Good luck fellow business card collectors...


Sorry, two, not three. Can't count.


1) A complete set? - Stepstone, TMP Wolrdwide, Northcliffe, Hotgroup, Monster, Fish4 have I missed any?
2) I've only got a Jimfinder one
3) That must be an antique by now
4) You've got me there!

I remember CareerFever....a madly overpriced CD Rom with no web site. The only selling point being that they were paying PWC for strategic advice on their launch!

Alex Hens

ahhh- when you stir the competitiveness within Mr Nunn then you'll never win (especially where practical jokes appropriate for an 11year old, internet bought tat & collecting rubbish along the way of his illustrious career (and yes - he does hold onto all those secret santa gifts you would expect anyone else to bin after at least 4years) are concerned).

I fold - just haven't got the same magpie tendencies as you guys obviously


Alex Hens

Quick thanks to Jamie Leonard (www.mylonglunch.com) who a couple of us bloggers met with earlier this evening.

Of course very grateful for his hospitality (watch this space for news of a potential Digital Recruiting / MLL tie up event), but mostly for him donating a Justin Wakeham Career Builder card to my collection (he'd met with Justin earlier in the day).

I may not have the entire Wakeham back catalogue, but it feels good having a new addition to my collection with a hot off the print addition.

Thanks Jamie.



Got one of them too - and Matt, as I mentioned at MyLongLunch on Wednesday, the 4th one in my list was quite famous for being runner up on the first series of the Apprentice...

Oh, and on the Lister front, you missed 'thisisjobs', and yes, I do have one of those...

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