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Sam Michel

Want some more lazy journalism to get your goat? Check this out:


Yup, Sky News citing Wikipedia as a primary source (and getting it wrong). Class.

Alex Hens

good spot Sam - thanks for that (kinda ;)

Yup - generally long term we have to hope that the wheat is sorted from the chaff, and so I cling to the belief that in the face of mass media mediocrity and shoddiness people will pay (in one form or another) for journalism that they can actually trust - whereas sky news et al will be left serving low value 'Whats on TV?' "readers". I'm just kinda hoping that the BBC is aiming for, or at least allowed to pursue, the former rather than the latter.

Or perhaps I'm just too much of an optimist and the whole world will succumb to dumbing down, with the BBC becoming just another publisher driven by lowest common denominator quantity over quality pressure :-]

Subscription to the Economist anyone?


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