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Andy Headworth

Excellent viewing - but very spooky with old BS just blinking at you (once you get to the end of his initial speil)!
I like the clever way the ironic and sarcastic humour has been entwined with the jobs.
Problem is, I am still not sure if it a piss take or whether it is sooooooooo clever it is brilliant!!

Alex Hens

quick off the blocks there Andy - thanks for that. But I think there's the first lesson in viral video execution, make it damned obvious what the conclusion you're aiming for is. too subtle / long winded and you've just wasted your budget.

If you get the chance / can be arsed then go back and have another go Andy - to quote the comic leg-end that is / was (no idea if he's popped his wellies or not) Jimmy Cricket, "there's more".


Mike McClelland

I'm sure he'll take it well, but I reckon the actor/bloke looks a bit like Tony Andrews. http://www.blackbridge.co.uk/culture/people/tony-andrews.aspx

Jamie Leonard

I just get a black screen with noise....any ideas?

Alex Hens

Mike - whether he'll take it or not I think you're right - definitely separated at birth. :)

And Jamie - have you tried turning your computer off and on again? (I was born for tech support ;)

- seriously though, email me your browser & OS and I'll ask people more qualified to have answers than I.

Luke Collier

I agree it is very clever but doesn't it prove you can be a little too clever. I haven't heard anyone mention Zurich yet and they are the guys that did it aren't they?

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