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Matt Alder

You really need to stop reading The Mail Alex, it's not good for your nerves! lol

Some excellent points but 500 words or less next time? ;-)


I have run two reasonably large companies. In one my staff could access whatever they wanted. Frankly if they wanted to visit porn sites then as far as I am concerned they are adults and make their own choices. In the other I did ask IT to prevent access to Facebook. My rationale was that in the first company I had a team of people who were largely held accountable for their performance and I trusted them to manage their time. In the second company, one I took over from someone else, there were cultural issues and dealing with them was a long term challenge. Meanwhile it was quite clear that in certain departments, such as telesales, Facebook was a welcome distraction from picking up the phone and calling customers. Preventing access to Facebook was an easy fix and also avoided putting staff in a situation where a breach of the rules resulted in a disciplinary process that was not in anyone's interests.

Alex Hens

A measured and intelligent response it would seem Richard - not a knee jerk in sight. If I have the need to polish up my CV at any point then I'll be sure to send it in your direction rather than Theo's or Portsmouth City Council's that for sure


Thanks for reading and commenting.

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