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Wow - you used a lot of long complex words there Hensy - no surprise really... I just said yes. Looking forward to reading the article though.

Is it a fad, yes. Is it the future, yes. It's a bit of both. 'Fad' status now because people, outside of properly understanding it, think it might be, but the future, yes, because it will form ANOTHER component in the whole communications strategy.

In two years' time, ask again - I think answer will be different - it will no longer be considered a fad, and instead the response will be 'Are you really asking that question'.

Sorry I couldn't flower up my answer in any way like you have mister, and try and introduce a level of David Attenburgh in there, but ultimately, I think I agree with what you said.

Wendy Jacob

I agree with you both - yes it's a fad in some ways, but it's also here to stay in one form or t'other. Eventually it will be so "normal" that it will hardly even need a name. But in the meantime...!

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