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Recruitment SEO

Bang on the nail. The difference between cost per influence and cost per action (conversion) is subtle but important. Never mind the cost per pixel attitude that some still seem to behold.

Paul H

Very interesting piece. It's obvious, but we've found with our site that if we can match an ad exactly to a user groups interests (i.e. advertising Oxford University Press on a 'recommended law books' section) the click-throughs really do rocket. In other words, a sort of poor man's search advertising. I genuinely never look at banners or leader boards. I go onto the Times website every day but if you offered me £1000 to name one company that has been there over the last three months I'd have no idea. I must admit though, I'm still a little lost with 'Cost per influence'. How can it be quantified to a potential advertiser without sounding slightly 'bullshitty' for want of a better phrase?

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