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Alex Hens

Great post Sinead.

Now I appreciate there is always the danger of seeing something that sounds impressive or so positive and trying to bend reality in order to see or convey your business that way (hell - who wouldn't want to find any take possible to say "my business is quite like Apple's"), but there were, I felt, clear resonances with the approach we've taken in building our business proposition. And it has to be said, where the clients are open and not overly conservative (dare I say verging on the Luddite) our New Business success rate is not too shabby either.

For the "why" we do indeed challenge the status quo. When we started many people told us we were mad because the ATS market was surely already pretty flooded. Well there were a lot of companies offering ATS products for sure - but with experience of working with/around many of them we didn't find one that was actually as things should be. We wanted to do it differently. Better. And that's what drives us.

"How" - well again similarly we approached our execution considering "beautiful design" (well - usable design anyway). And we did this from both a candidates and a recruiter users perspective - delivering a web system that is as seamless and intuitive for users as you'd expect it to be. No one has to tell you how to use Amazon or Ebay do they?

And "what" we do is build online solutions to make processes more efficient, effective and that provide the highest integrity of management information.

So if, let's say in 2years time, HARBOUR is at the centre of an impressive number of organisations delivering significant ROI with great user feedback, then I'll try and remember to stop by and tell you that Simon Sinek is a genius and has nailed this with his "simple idea", of which we're proof.

Of course if the opposite is true then expect me to be telling anyone who'll listen that he's wrong and the Luddites win 80% of the time irrespective of anything else - but feel free to suggest that perhaps we just weren't focused enough on our "Why".


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