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Spot on. At the end of the day Youtube is about user generated content which is why big brands can look so out of place and come in for so much criticism being on there. It's also a hell of a lot cheaper to get your customers to actually make your advert for you!!

Oh and by the way Ben we hired two people on the back of the preacher stunt and supporting video so it can't have been that bad! ;-)


Yo big fella - I actually wasn't having a dig at your video - I'm absolutely sure it worked - I was more referring to that beauty from Computer People, for example - now that was totally missing the point...

People like the armed forces seem to have got in there fairly quickly, but just seem to be running tv style ads online, which I think is missing the point - certainly the feedback they are achieving is pretty un-receptive (is that a word?).

Let's hope we can find and share more examples like this, and Sinead's excellent Web 2.0 one.


One day we might get something better than Appalachian State University!

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