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John Whitehurst

a good video and the perfect way to explain it.



Superb...what a great find Sinead. Nice to see something get right to the heart of the matter. Language, meaning, communication,discourse, community etc etc this is what makes the web so exciting to work in. The technology bit is just facilitation.....that's why it used to drive me mad when I got introduced as "the techie" in all those meetings five years ago!


That is excellent Sinead - really cleverly done, and just so simple yet implicitly clear - breaking down the confusion about what 2.0 is all about, and why it is so important.

Nice one - that is being shared as I type - I like that a lot.

And Matt, it still happens now - the techie label - and I'm sure it will continue to do so - because people see it that way. I can think of worse names people have given you...

Remember Chicken head...

John Whitehurst

Yup Matt i still get described at a techie geek ... actually i am.


Just to clarify....Chicken Head wasn't my nickname!


It's a great video, and one which I can see myself forwarding on to others for some time.

Chicken Head? I won't ask...


Chicken Head - an ex-colleague of mine who used to regularly verbally abuse poor Matt for no real reason.

Other than the obvious...

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