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Jamie Grove - How Not To Write

Congratulations, Alex!

This was an exciting post to read as I just got your feeds as a member of the Blogging Pack started by Chris Garrett. Wow!

Best of luck!

Jamie Leonard

Congrats Mr Hens, thats great news. Here some thing s you can say goodbye to:

- Sleep
- A Social Life
- Red Meat
- Sanitity

Keep the dream alive!


Hang on Hensy, are you leaving? :-)

Unluckily for Hensy, he does not have your way with the ladies though Jamie, or your silver-tongued charm...

Also, was that a freudian slip in the last bullet point there my friend?

Jamie Leonard

The mistake was meant to make a point and nothing to do with the fact I was running out the door half cut from lunch.

Peter Gold

So, the cat is out at last! Maybe you should take a slot on Ceefax as well as your website.

Good luck, it's a big bad world out there and you really do lose sleep and there sanitity!

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