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Jamie Leonard

Interesting. I’ve got a Twitter account and I think I'm slowly seeing the light, all be I only have 3 people to follow. Our tech guys are working on a feed so if you’re a following MyLongLunch you’ll get all the latest offers, deals and news uploaded by the media. No reason why OnRec or Ri5 could do the same.

Jamie Leonard

Just been notified that you can NOW follow MyLongLunch on Twitter.



Nice post Paul. I'm hardly as noisy as Scoble though

Alder = 141 updates so far

Scoble = 11,862 updates so far

Some way to go yet!

Paul Caplan

I've been working with a client looking to recruit and talking to them about simply getting existing staff telling micro-stories. If you can't get your business story down to 140 characters, maybe it's not clear enough. And if you can, heh that's attractive.

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