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Insurance Jobs Board

There is only one title for that vid and it's already been mentioned .. "awesome" sad to say but as a "closet" techie that was a seriously great vid

You really owe it to the originator to rename your post as "AWESOME VIDEO"

If you reading these comments feel that you should question that! Watch it! No watch it properly and see the synergy mentally chart the evolution of the medium .. you know its right..

Great find Matt.. thanks for using twitter.com and twittering it to allow me to find it! There is no glazed look to be had .. I do not see what the "client" did not get..

Awesome vid .. interesting journey .. thanks for finding it

Paul Harrison

Hello InsuranceJobsBoard. Thanks for the comment. I think.


Actually it was Paul who posted this not me....then again Sinead actually posted it here six months ago so I don't know what he is complaining about!

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