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Mike McClelland

Great post Alex. Agree with you on most points (although I couldn't comment on the actress quality - ahem).

I'm always staggered that clients spend literally hundreds of thousands of pounds on advertising then have a dreadful candidate experience. Why?

How difficult is to make online application forms user friendly?

Sinead Bunting

Alex, I agree with you, its not perfect (certainly it will loose people as its too long and drawn out) however its sentiments and ambitions are so positive and impressive that its makes significant inroads in this area despites its flaws.

Very nice.

thomas delorme

couldnt agree more.
i'd ad that, to me, the Zurich Lady speech seemed almost as BS as Barnabas himself ...
they should have differentiated more

Jamie White

Maybe i've been working with him for too long but that doesn't look anything like Tony Andrews to me. Maybe the bloke out of the Apple ads...

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