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Jamie Leoanrd

Also glad to see they invested all the money into the build and not on the voice over. I recognise that voice from somewhere???

Alex Hens

well it's not Ewan McGregor that's for sure ;-)

Bill Timble

The video suggest you can apply for a job over the phone? How do you upload your CV to a site to apply? I have downloaded it and can not work it out? Can you? The Allthetopbananas.com application does not offer that feature either.

In comparing the two (as you did not bother,why?)...

I mis-typed the location on both apps - the 1Job one did not correct the location the ATTB one did.

The ATTB one allows you to save searches and allows you to see the most relevant or the nearest or the newest - which is a nice feature for the regular user. In comparison the 1job version means you have to re-type your search regularly, although it is easier to perform new searches - on the ATTB version you have to click the new search button.

The 1Job version has a great feature allowing you to email the job to any address. To make this application at all helpful you have to use this - one can NOT apply via the application. Although I am suspect, when I enter my email address will they start emailing me jobs. If so it is exactly the same for any serious job seeker as the ATTB version - although at least I get to play with the app before I give my details (unlike on ATTB). Instead the ATTB version lets you save jobs which go to your saved jobs on their website, providing you a single "cloud" like place to go to view and apply from any computer, which is a nice feature - but clearly is designed to drag you to their website.

The ATTB app provide a better more detailed search such as radius from a town in miles and the ability to enter a Salary filter. This advanced searching capability seems to be missing from 1Jobs app. It suggest to me that 1Job have an objective of raising their profile and telling me about their website, instead of delivering an app that will actually help me look for a job! I can not imagine a serious job website today that did not provide a salary filter!

The 1Job app does have a very stylish design, all sleek in black and orange. The ATTB version goes along the standards Apple have set with their email application etc. Call me old fashioned but I prefer my text black on a white background - but I am a fuddy duddy who wears glasses.

Overall for a quick job peek the 1job app is best, but for serious jobseekers who will use the app daily they will find the ATTB app far more helpful and powerful.

Kevin Pease

This is clearly a transparent regurgitation of a press release with a few fawning sentiments thrown in.

I downloaded the 1job app and did a search for "Director" in "Peterborough" before I started writing this comment, and I'm still looking at a blank screen. Has it crashed? Is it just soul-crushingly slow? There's no indication of activity, progress or anything else. I'd love to review the other features, but it looks like I'm out of luck.

I've tried the ATTB app too and while it's not perfect at least it returns jobs! Your suggestion that you couldn't be bothered to enter an e-mail address to use it is incredibly lazy. Why bother to mention it at all if you couldn't be bothered to get past the first screen?

Just to update you, still looking at a blank screen on the app. I assume it's broken.

Alex Hens

thanks for the proper review Bill :)

Just back to you on a couple of points:
- Agree that the video is slightly misleading in inferring you can apply through a jobsite, as doing so would be reliant on (I guess) having an existing profile with that site which you can log-into and use existing stored documents. - you paying attention 1job?

- I've found that 1job has remembered my input search criteria on firing it back up this morning, no saving - it just happens.

- As for why I didn't bother going any further into AllTheTopBanana's app:
1. it was 2am and I needed to sleep
2. I confessed in the post that it was a rubbish piece if you were looking for an investigative blog post - sorry if I didn't manage your expectations well enough
3. I felt it still made a valid point that some people (me being one) don't like giving up my details without knowing what I'm getting or why you need it - I get spammed enough and adding ATTB to that list is something I don't want (not that they would spam I'm sure)
4. I didn't have the time do as good a review piece as you have done, but I was impressed by what I saw on 1job in terms of ease of interface and hooking up to my digital world so wated to post rather than leave it to when I had time to do a decent job on a full review.

So anytime you want to review any other apps or sites or anything please don't hesitate to send them through and we'll publish them in a heart beat - you're write up is excellent. Thank you (and sorry again for me being rubbish :)

Alex Hens

oh - dear me - you all a bit hot and bothered in this weather Kevin?

firstly - I've not seen any press release in regards to this product. I apologise if the fact I actually found something quite nice came across as fawning. If you're a regular reader of the blog you'll know that really isn't my thing - I'll do better to be scathing and cynical in my next post.

I've just done exactly the same search as you & got 4 jobs returned - maybe technology is picking up on your mood and just playing games with you?

And I've been called a lot worse than "incredibly lazy", so I can live with that. I mentioned ATTB because I saw it at the same time I found the 1job app & felt that putting a requirement to put in personal details before using something wasn't a great experience. Next time I'll try to do better for you.

Hope your day gets better - it is Friday after all.



Hmmmmm a Digital Recruiting investigation appears to show Kevin and Bill are posting from the same IP address. Are they the same person?

Alex Hens

what's that skippy? you think they might actually be undercover representatives from AllTheTopBananas? Get away with you!


Luke Collier

ATTB have a track record of this. The owner ( I think) some bloke called Martin emailed me pretending to be a potential customer when I worked at a rival Company. Very cheap shot in this day and age. He could have just called for a chat!


Dave Martin

Official Allthetopbananas.com post,
Thanks for feedback, we have a new iPhone application. All suggestions taken on board, check it out - it is now the best one out their.

Dave Martin
Managing Director

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