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You've hit on a real issue in the user experience of job seekers.

We have millions of jobs indexed across our network of sites and a real technical challenge for us is how to assign a "quality of job post" rating to a job to build into our relevancy algorithm. Unlike movie reviews, where users are incentivized to help the quality of rankings, job seekers are less likely to help others find the better job posts.

We use crowd sourcing techniques to grab revealed preference data and look at other proxy data but we are always looking at new ways to address this issue.



Interesting and thought-provoking post. We're at the beginning of our adventure (a community of young professionals who want to do something different) and we have a job-board angle to our platform. As we look to spread the word about what we're building we hope that our niche is appealing enough to recruiters and individual organisations for them to use us alongside or instead of the aggregators... because we're about quality over quantity. We'll see!

Jamie Leonard

Nice follow-up mate. I love a comment that’s actually bigger than the original post! I disagree, but only from my market. In the really senior end of the market, its only head hunters that have these jobs to put online, as the companies themselves wont advertise them. So in that context, if we never aloud staffing agency / head hunters to post, those jobs would never appear online. That said, we are working with a lot of companies at the moment and leading them to a place where they’re not scared to put a £150k job online, as themselves. For the generalist job boards though, I agree. You should at least have the option to Search All or Search Direct Only. I like what Workthing did, but can’t see many of the other generalist sites doing it.

dom sumners

nice post - the deals that i dont understand a job board doing are the ones with the cheap webrecruit type business (Networx, easyweb,webrecruit and about 10 others)- you have direct clients who want to advertise and the stinky aggregator deal you have done (with what is a v small account) means that direct client is getting your board for about £10. Also the client makes no distinction between you - mr quality job board and gisajob tip tip job etc etc. which kills your brand too.

the jobhunter

We are building a brand slowly for people looking for

and allow candidates to showcase their talent

trouble is with low cost Job Board aggregators they dlute brands, where anyone and everyone is applying.

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